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Google's Christmas wish-list...

...should include Motorola, according to the latest missive from ARCchart. The analyst company denies this latest 2008 prediction is a product of too much Christmas cheer, insisting it really could make sense for the Internet giant to buy the troubled handset vendor.

"If Google is prepared to go as far as Android, why not go the next step and produce its own handsets?" the company asks. "Not just a single ‘gPhone’ but entire portfolios of Android-enabled devices."

ARCchart adds that combining a manufacturing business with a company producing a handset OS, along with a rich set of mobile applications and services is not as unusual as it sounds.

"There’s a company in Finland doing the very same thing. That company is called Nokia and it has recently spent almost $10 billion trying to play catch-up with Google in search, email, file sharing, advertising and mapping (e.g. Enpocket, Intellisync, Avvenu and NAVTEQ). Shouldn’t Google be spending the same to take Nokia on its home turf?" the company demands to know.
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