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With next month's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona rapidly approaching, we're starting to get some idea of what the key themes will be for this year's event. My inbox is full of invitations to meet from hundreds of companies covering the whole gamut of telecoms technologies and services.

Some hot topics are already starting to emerge. Femtocell providers hit the headlines for the first time last year, and there appears to be strong interest again this time around, despite the fact that telecoms operators are still proving quite cagey on the subject.

Expect to hear a lot about advertising and ad-funded services; the debate on whether customers will accept advertising in return for subsidised content is still raging. Similarly, the options for mobile music and mobile TV will be on the agenda.

Social networking promises to attract a significant amount of attention this year, alongside mobile messaging in its various forms. And we're expecting a lot of talk about location-based services.

And it wouldn't be Barcelona without a strong presence from emerging market operators, would it?

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