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MWC: Dos and don'ts

Most of you will be back from the show now, perhaps mulling over the week's news, celebrating a contract win, worrying about how much money you spent and if you'll be able to justify it...

You might be minus a wallet, a laptop or other random precious items. One journalist had all his business cards stolen from his back pocket - cue a malicious sense of satisfaction that the mugger gained nothing but a few useless (to him) job titles.

Some lessons I have taken from this year:
Don't wear shoes with any kind of a heel: they get ruined and give you very sore and painful feet (those cobbles);
Don't expect the WiFi to work in the press centre on the first two days due to overwhelming demand, so bring alternative connection options;
Ditto the hotel WiFi;
Don't say to people you "might pop by for a quick coffee and catch up"; it never happens;
Don't expect there to necessarily be any news at press conferences;
Don't stay in a hotel more than 3 miles away from the Fira (not me, luckily, but fellow journalists had a tough time getting in and out);
Don't expect the vendor parties to be much fun;
Don't carry wallets in your trouser pockets in the evenings if you want to keep them;
Don't drink too much until the last evening to have any hope of making all your appointments;
Don't expect the GSMA daily to necessarily contain independent and unbiased coverage (WiMAX who?).

DO stock up with food and drink in your hotel room as the chances of actually eating during the day are small to zero;
Wear trainers;
Keep all laptop bags/handsets tightly attached to your person at all times;
Wear loose and comfortable clothing that can easily be removed as the Fira halls slowly turn into saunas by the end of day.

DO - try to enjoy it. It's all about the networking and meeting people after all...
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