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TeliaSonera, Cogent: Let the face-saving begin

TeliaSonera and Cogent have agreed to make another go of things with a renewed peering agreement.

A voicemail to Total Telecom on Friday from Cogent's head of marketing and communications Jeff Henriksen said that peering had been restored with an agreement that is "satisfactory to both parties."

The deal marks the end of a spat that began on 13 March, when U.S.-based Cogent closed Internet network connections between itself and Sweden's TeliaSonera.

To make matters worse, TeliaSonera's transiting agreement with Verizon also ended, meaning customers on Cogent's and Telia's respective networks couldn't connect with one another.

But now that's all in the past, is it likely we will ever find out what really caused the two of them to fall out in the first place?

Cogent claims Telia felt threatened by its expansion into Norway and Finland, while Telia said it was an attempt by Cogent to boss it around.

Either way it's likely that both parties will be eager to bury the hatchet, and with it, the chances of letting any further finger pointing continue.
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