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Microsoft polishes Windows

Microsoft Wednesday unveiled its cuddly accessible attempt at Windows Mobile, targeted towards the emerging 'prosumer' segment – a niche of users that likes smartphone features but not smartphone form factor.

Plenty of representatives were on hand to demonstrate the tweaked interface of Windows Mobile 6.1 at its London launch, but one thing they weren't keen to show off was how long it takes for the software to boot up.

OK, so a number of factors such as a handset's processor speed and memory can affect how quickly the operating system launches, some of which are no doubt beyond Microsoft's control.

However, when Total Telecom dipped into smartphone reviews for its Mobility supplement in September 2007, one of the issues we had with the Windows-powered devices was how long it took for them to boot up. On average it took a minute of staring at the screen before Windows had finished loading.

Surely there has been some improvement since then? But on Wednesday we were certainly left wondering, when one spokesperson after another declined to comment on speed. Hmmm...
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