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Standards bodies gear up for 4G

The 4G cogs are starting to turn after the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) said today it will submit its plans for the further evolution of LTE for consideration within the ITU's "IMT-Advanced" project. The IEEE is also submitting the draft standard 802.16m, an evolution of WiMAX, while the CDMA camp will be represented by UMB technology (also known as cdma2000 EVDO Rev C.) All technologies will be based on OFDM and multiple antenna technology MIMO.

IMT-Advanced is the next stage of mobile services development after IMT-2000, which included all the 3G technologies such as cdma2000 and WCDMA. So in other words, it's "true" 4G. The ITU has called for technologies to be considered for inclusion under the IMT-Advanced umbrella, and has set some very tough targets, including limited mobility speeds of 1 Gbps and fully mobile speeds of 100 Mbps. The UN agency will start working on more detailed specifications in 2009.

The 3GPP said it will issue a new Technical Report containing all the requirements for LTE Advanced.

Fran├žois Courau, chairman of the LTE-Advanced Workshop, said "improved spectral efficiency will be very high on the list of the benefits to be achieved through LTE-Advanced technologies".

But "paramount within LTE-Advanced will be improvements to existing performance parameters whilst at the same time reducing the cost of delivering these improved services to the end customer," he added.
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