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MySpace to share user details with Yahoo, eBay

The mysterious technology initiative that had us guessing yesterday has been unveiled: MySpace is going to allow its members to share their profile data with the likes of Yahoo and eBay.

This means that users can have their photos and music interests appear in Yahoo Instant Messenger, or on their eBay profile page, said a report from Dow Jones.

"There's this concept that social networks are walled gardens…We're taking those walls down," said Amit Kapur, chief operating officer of MySpace in the report.

The sites taking part in the scheme have a combined 150 million users, and reach 85% of U.S. Web surfers.

Something tells us that while users will enjoy the opportunity to enhance their eBay image and perhaps attract that extra bid, the biggest winners are likely to be the advertisers, who will be able to build a more detailed picture of consumers' tastes and buying habits (participation is optional, of course).

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