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Ofcom advises consumers on mobile use abroad

Ofcom, the U.K. telecoms watchdog Friday published a information advising consumers on how to avoid bill shock when they use their mobile phones and Web dongles abroad.

Most of the tips are fairly obvious, such as finding out how much international calls and Web surfing will cost before you leave, or, checking whether or not calls from abroad are included as part of your monthly minutes bundle.

Yet, there is some advice that some people might be less likely to consider.

They include exploring the possibility of buying a local SIM card that will work in your handset, and contacting your operator immediately if your phone is lost or stolen in order to make sure you're not liable for the cost of any subsequent usage.

Still, the situation is set to change very soon, since next Tuesday is the deadline for operators to cut their international data roaming tariffs as set by EU Commissioner Viviane Reding.

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In the meantime, anyone heading off on holiday with a phone or USB modem in tow can look up Ofcom's travel tips here, and even watch a helpful accompanying video here.
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