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Visitors from Mars may have been wondering what was prompting so many people to queue outside the O2 and Carphone Warehouse stores on Islington's Upper Street this morning. The rest of us know that today is 3G iPhone day in the UK, an event that has caused otherwise sensible people to lose all sense of proportion, the queues would suggest. As discussed by the Total Telecom team, there will be plenty of 3G iPhones for anyone that wants one. But of course the phone is the latest "must-have" gadget and it appears some simply cannot wait just a few more days to get their hands on one.

Taking the extreme approach of camping outside an O2 shop since dawn does not seem to have guaranteed success, however: Reports already on news blogs describe failed efforts to buy iPhones today as shops ran out of stock. O2 has been fanning the flames of desire too by hinting that availability would be "limited" on day one. Tsk.

Anyway, well done if you managed to get one!
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