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Fibre update

Many apologies for the lack of posts on the blog in recent weeks. Whoever said August was a quiet month in the telecoms space was clearly on crack.

I've just received a number of pictures of the Geo sewer fibre network we toured last month (see Knee-deep in fibre post for more on that one), so here are a couple just to give you a flavour (hmmm, perhaps a poor choice of word under the circumstances!) of what it was like down there. At this stage we have no pictures of the Total Telecom team wearing our safety equipment, which is a shame, 'cos we looked hot!

Incidentally, last week Geo announced the revamp of its metro networks portfolio, unveiling new scalable 1-Gbps and 10-Gbps managed network solutions, delivered via London’s sewers. View the announcement here, on Geo's website, and why not also check out the company's video presentation detailing its sewer network rollout. Had I seen this before Geo invited us to view the network, maybe I would have had second thoughts about accepting!
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