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Send rude texts, win a book!

Online blog 'SMS is the new Black' confirmed late on Wednesday that expletive-ridden texts are eligible for its best SMS competition.

As reported in this week's Totally Trivial, the Website is on the hunt for the best text message sent or received during January.

Five lucky strange people will win a copy of AQA's book, 'Brilliant Answers', a compendium of some of the solutions proffered by the SMS answering service.

Unfortunately one more question still remains: Do incomprehensible text messages sent while under the influence of alcohol count?

The reason I ask is because I think I have a winner, received - that's received - by me:

"Gm weapdonagio!d. Amd imts ngppons folt! Laaajabaads@"

The competition closes on February 13.
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