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Vodafone eyes UK Palm Pre deal

Rumours abound that Vodafone is hoping to secure an exclusive deal to sell the Palm Pre in the U.K.

Negotiations between the two companies are in the early stages, reports Mobile Top Soft, which cited "various leaks from Vodafone officials."

Since then a Vodafone spokesman said the operator has no plans for the Palm Pre at the moment, according to Mobile Computer.

What's more, with O2 UK offering the iPhone, T-Mobile exclusively selling the Android-powered G1, and Vodafone with the BlackBerry Storm, Orange or 3UK might be eyeing their own exclusive handset deal.

Palm unveiled the Pre during CES earlier in January. The vendor's latest smartphone features a touchscreen, a full QWERTY keyboard and runs its own operating system called Nova.

With the Pre, Palm hopes to win back market share that has been eroded recently by the likes of RIM, Apple and HTC.

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