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Samsung is not Apple

The dreaded 'A'-word is starting to be used as an expletive by any telco player that has watched the iPhone's meteoric rise in hardware sales and app downloads from the sidelines.

Last week Deutsche Telekom CEO Rene Obermann had to think twice before mentioning Apple's handset during a presentation at Nokia World, and now Samsung is getting in on the act.

"We're not Apple, we actually want to coexist with other players," said Yoon Lee, of Samsung's global marketing operations, during a panel session at Broadband World Forum Europe in Paris.

Lee made the comment in reference to Samsung's ongoing strategy of adopting open standards that will eventually enable devices from other hardware makers to connect to all of Samsung's products.

That's not just the company's mobile phones, either. Lee said Samsung intends to include connectivity on all of its devices including TVs, printers, Blu-ray players and cameras.

"We're helping consumers to share content through multiple devices," he said.

Just don't use the 'A'-word.

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