Monday, 5 October 2009

It's quiet on the Geneva front...

Unaccustomed as I am to finding a spare seat in the press room on day 1 of Telecom World in Geneva...

Well, yes, as predicted it's quiet here. But that's not to say it's not been worth coming. I think a lot of the exhibitors will be pretty fed up if traffic doesn't increase in the next few days, but the Forum is well attended and there are plenty of people to meet from a media point of view. But as one media rep just said, the ITU should probably now forget about the exhibition part and just have it as a Forum, because it's a good platform for debate at a pretty high level.

The ITU is already advertising Telecom World 2011 - apparently it will be the 40th anniversary of Telecom World. I hope the ITU learns from this year's event and cuts its cloth accordingly, though.

The great thing is that all the events and exhibitors have been squeezed into halls 1-4, and as anyone familiar with the Palexpo will know, that means much less walking than normal!

Who mentioned tumbleweed...?

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telecom marketer said...

thanks for the interesting observations, the lack of exhibit traffic is consistent with other telecom conferences around the world this season, and its not surprising - the direct sales ROI of exhibiting is often questionable even when budgets are rich. Obviously the motivation is branding, and the scale of previous ITU events in Geneva made anything but mid six figure investments futile in this regard. Particularly tough with the struggling global economy. Fortunately you don't need a three story booth to participate in stimulating discussions and network.