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Passion, Interest, and Scrap Yards

This weeks meeting of the World Telecoms Council brought together another strong group of participants from players including BT, Tata, Belgacom, Orange, UK Broadband, Tellabs and more.

Debate was always interesting and as this strip of images of Nicholas Topham (BroadGroup) leading a session, observed by Joe Kelly (BT Wholesale) illustrates - sometimes impassioned!

The debates across Emerging Markets on day 1 and Wholesale Telecom on days 2 demonstrated a wide range of opinion as well as giving the opportunity for some great video interviews (available shortly) from Total TeleVision and briefings from participants to gathered Total Telecom editors. The resulting stories can be read online...
And yes a tale of scrapyards was included by AA Telco who are running a scheme called SecondLife in Uganda.
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