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Thankfully I was sitting down...

I am amazed, astounded, lost for words or at least pleasantly surprised.
Last year we achieved an outstanding 10,808 votes for our CEO of the Year poll for the World Communication Awards, so I was amazed when I looked at the voting to date and found that we are already at 18,359 individuals having voted. And since this year we are asking each individual to cast 3 votes, that's over 55,000 in total and voting doesn't close until the 8 October - so vote now!

It's also not all one way traffic, there's quite a few names in the frame, and the lead has changed several times, so make sure your prefered CEO doesn't miss out!

Also on user voted categories, we're getting a steady stream of votes for the Users Choice - if you are an end users, please do cast your vote...

This years World Communication Awards is shaping up to be a great event, so don't miss out, book your seat today!
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