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What's Qualcomm up to?

There was no hard news from Qualcomm at its second annual Innovation Qualcomm event in London on Wednesday, although the chipmaker did share some interesting developments, including the progress made by its Mirasol display technology which is set to come to market via e-reader devices in Q1 next year. More on that on Total Telecom.

However, something is afoot and I'm pretty sure there is a news announcement in the offing.

Andrew Gilbert, president of Qualcomm Internet Service (QIS) and Qualcomm Europe, was slated to speak at the event but pulled out late last week and instead appeared on the big screen, having pre-recorded his presentation. Why? Apparently another pressing engagement came up.

I later heard that Gilbert pulled out of the event for reasons that will become clear in the near future. An announcement is forthcoming. Watch this space...
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