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Verizon iPhone announcement looms?

There has been frenzied speculation over the launch of a CDMA iPhone in the U.S. for years. The story has waxed and waned, but finally we seem to be close to an actual announcement. U.S. news sources are reporting having received non-transferable invitations to a New York press conference to be held by Verizon Wireless tomorrow (11am local time).

Admittedly, when you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail (or, if you have a gap in your portfolio, everything looks like an iPhone launch), but nonetheless there appears to be some substance behind the latest rumours. Verizon's cloack-and-dagger approach to this press conference is unusual. More unusual is the fact that telecoms journalists have missed out on invitations, while Apple correspondents have been invited. This piece from Gizmodo provides more details. The guys at Gizmodo themselves have not heard from Verizon, fuelling speculation that this is in fact an Apple event, to which they would not be welcome after last year's iPhone 4 leak!

So, as it stands, we're expecting to see Verizon Wireless unveil an iPhone that will run on its LTE network for data with a CDMA module for voice. Keep your eyes on Total Telecom from late tomorrow afternoon - we'll bring you the story as it breaks.

Apologies if it turns out not to be an iPhone announcement. That though would be a PR disaster for Verizon: anything other than an iPhone launch would be a huge anticlimax!
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