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How to win a World Communication Award

It's simple, isn't it, write the best entry in the right category, the judges will be impressed and you'll go home with the trophy.

Well yes it is, but competition is fierce, so it's all about planning.

1. Recognise which categories to enter. Check out the entry criteria to ensure your entry really matches what the judges want

2. Maximise your chances - if you want to win, don't put all your eggs in once basket. this year there are 17 categories, so put in multiple entries - there's even a discount for additional entries!

3. Listen to the judges - they've all contibuted to a feedback page that you can view online plus you can hear their views and meet some of last years winners in the interviews from Total TeleVision

4. Don't leave it to the last minute. The entry deadline is 1 July, so start working on it now - not on the 30th June!

5. You know your products are good and your customers happy - so include their testamonials.

This years WCA will be presented on the 7th November at the London Hilton on Park Lane. To ensure you are there to pick up a trophy, FIND OUT HOW TO ENTER

Total Telecom World 2-day conference coincides with this years WCA

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