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Who are you - #Telecom User Survey

Total Telecom User Survey: You know who you are (we hope), but we're not so sure and so we are asking you to complete our user survey.

Total Telecom generates visits from around 100,000 global telecom professionals every month. Many of you are registered users of the website and so we know who you are, but some people visit without having registered for our newsletter, to download a white paper or view older content, and that's one of the reasons for us to do user surveys.

We also like to ask questions about your interests and your views, and that helps us to understand they type of information and survey's we can generate that might interest you. You will notice that much of this years survey focuses on mobile issues, and this will help us frame the agenda for Total Telecom Wireless World that we will launch in 2012.

As a thank you for completing the survey, we are offering everyone who participate a 10% discount on attending our forthcoming Total Telecom World conference. As the survey should only take a couple of minutes, that's virtually Money for Nothing!

Please take a couple of minutes to complete the survey.

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