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Why #cloud isn't a compelling proposition

Reuters have reported on a recent cloud adoption survey by Symantec and have found few organisations are adopting cloud computing and that those that have are generally disappointed.

This is a worry for telecom operators, many of whom are viewing cloud as a great opportunity - as will be discussed by a panel including BT Wholesale, PCCW Global and Orange Business Services at Total Telecom World. However the findings also highlight were the opportunity lies for operators to address the issues and restore confidence. In a recent Carriers World interview with Total TeleVision, Rakesh Bhasin, CEO of COLT, flagged up issues including, ease of doing business, security, and understanding the customer, closely echoing the findings of the Symantec research.

In December Total Telecom will host our next generation cloud services breakfast briefing, clearly how to make cloud computing a compelling option for the customer must become part of the mix.

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