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Operators On the Nose

Lunchtime leisure, how are different operators represented on Twitter? I started working down the 2011 Global 100 Operators report to see how different telco's were using Twitter and found some stark (if unscientific) differences.

The most notable thing I observed was that ranking high in the Global 100 in no way correlates with a strong presence on Twitter. Whilst AT&T (#1 G100) are right up there with almost 12,000 followers (@ATTCustomerCare), NTT (#2 G100) aren't. Indeed the only significnat NTT account I could find was @NTT_America which has 787 followers, and China Mobile (#6 G100) don't appear to have a Twitter account at all.

I then enlisted the help of Klout (@klout) to see who they deemed influential and came up with a top 5 that looked like this:

  • AT&T Inc. (#1 G100)
  • T-Mobile USA (#4 G100 - Deutsche Telekom)
  • O2 UK (#5 G100 Telefonica)
  • Sprint (#14 G100)
  • BT (#15 G100)
Klout also give an idea of what the Twitters are influential about, so it was interesting to that whilst the top 4 are all deemed influential on Smartphones, only Sprint is deemed influential on Branding and O2 on Social Networks.

Finally, I looked at how Klout classifies the various Twitterers and found all the top 5 to be deemed Pundits- a phrase that to me conjures images of the esteemed John McCririck. With this image in mind I wait to see which major telco CEO is the first to be seen sporting tweeds and deerstalker hat? Anyone think they can get this one On the Nose?

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