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So what #phone will you take to Barcelona?

Mobile World Congress will no doubt reveal the latest innovations in smartphones, so have you considered what you will take with you?

This isn't an issue of phone envy as yours looks shoddy alongside the latest gleaming offerings, but according to dating site, more an issue of what your phone says about you...

Their recent survey, reported by VentureBeat reveals that Android users are most likely to have visited an online dating site, whilst iPhone users are the quickest to follow up after a first date (good news in the limited timespan of MWC?). As for Blackberry users, they fall in love and first sight, then get drunk! Read the results in their full glory here.

What the survey doesn't make clear is what impact, if any, these perceptions have on the brands using these operating system. We'll have to ask our friends at Brand Finance if they considered romantic connotations when compiling this years telecom brand valuation, including the Top 10 Handset Makers, which you will find on page 13 of this months Total Telecom+

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