Friday, 23 March 2012

Google preps minicab debut

At first glance it might appear as if Google's U.K. team has found a money-spinning use for some of its spare Street View cars: carting the good people of south London between, let's say, stations, airports, theatres and couriers at any hour of the day.

Until of course you realise the taxi firm is called Gooogle Cars; then the additional 'o' inspires thoughts like "oh my, this lot will surely be sued one day for trademark infringement", and even perhaps a brief Carry On-style skit:

Google lawyer: "Gooogle driver, take me to the courthouse!"
Gooogle Driver: "Funny, I thought it was you who was taking me to the courthouse..."

...And so on ad infinitum.

Ever the optimist, I for one hope Google sees an opportunity to repair some of the damage to its "Don't be evil" reputation and immediately picks Gooogle Cars to fulfil all of the Internet giant's south London personal transportation needs.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Well, it's hardly coincidence that he has the name, the font and the colour scheme of Google brand.

Also, you don't just come up with 'gooogle', do you?!

I don't wish him a lawsuit, but unless he got clearance on this, he's ASKING for it. It's not clever or funny.