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New World Order - #BRICS and more

There's a good article from the Guardian's David Smith on the rise of Africa. It flags how this is at least in part being fuelled by investment from China, which fits well with a pattern we know and understand in the telecom industry - you only need to look at the number of recent articles on Total Telecom referencing either ZTE or Huawei and Africa to know this is true.

This is also likely to be a theme at our next Breakfast with Total Telecom event, that focuses on high growth markets, and amongst the speakers boasts BT Global Telecom Markets (GTM) General Manager (Asia Pacific, North America, Middle East and Africa), Stephen Kelly, who is addressing The Carrier opportunity in Africa.

However it will be interesting to see how far the debate expands into the more concerning issue of the future, both for the currently emerging markets, and for the entire planet, as flagged in todays ars technica article, Hot, crowded, and running out of fuel: Earth of 2050 a scary place.

To join the debate, register to attend the Emerging Markets breakfast briefing on the 10 April 2012.

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