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Stand-ard of photo's #CTIAw12

I feel a Dr. Seuss moment coming on when I look at the photos from CTIA, because if you haven't taken them on your smartphone and posted them via twitter perhaps you should. In the words of the great man "If you never did you should. These things are fun and fun is good"

But why are so many of the photo's of your stands? Very nice, very expensive, but what does it tell me about CTIA?

So here's a few of the the better one's I've spotted:

Tyntec drinks via @MachaufStefanie

@kalske from the #NokiaSiemens stand

@ashmatty Phablet - whatever that might be!

@dregie New Orleans celeb....

So can you do better? Send them to Total Telecom @totaltelecom mentioning of course #CTIAw12

And if you have a more conventional story from the show, post it on our press releases: (click the post link at the bottom of the screen)
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