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Double Trouble #ATM #M2M

The BBC reports today that cardless ATM's are live for customers of Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) or NatWest. 

Hooray I hear you shout, real life M2M, mobile money at it's best, Smartphones as a mobile wallet, all good news for telecoms, right?

Wrong, you just know this is going to be a recipe for disaster. 

Picture the scene:

1. you rush to leave the house and forget your mobile - have to return because you need money
2. grab mobile and rush to bank - ATM out of order
3. no worries, you use your App to locate another ATM, just around the corner
4. you get there, it's working, success...
5. no failure. It's inside the shopping centre, there's no mobile signal - foiled again!

Of course if you'd had a cash card, lack of mobile signal wouldn't have mattered.

Progress is never going to be easy. Maybe you wouldn't have forgotten your phone, maybe the first ATM was working, and maybe there was a signal. But life is never like that...

Hopefully all those who have attended our two day Wireless World conference have discovered how to avoid these  little hurdles. #TTWW12 
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