Wednesday, 26 September 2012

5 Myths of Cloud Computing

Our friends at Interoute have posted a great press release on Total Telecom,"Common cloud myths put to bed"

They are attributed to CTO, Matthew Finnie, and include:

  • Myth 1 - Cloud computing isn’t right for everyone
  • Myth 2 - You can’t trust the cloud
  • Myth 3 – The cloud is a fad
  • Myth 4 - The cloud doesn’t really change anything
  • Myth 5 -There’s no future in the cloud

As Interoute are a finalist in the Best Cloud Service category for this year's World Communication Awards, they presumably know a thing or two about cloud, but it will be interesting to see if others agree with them.


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James said...

Cloud computing is here to stay and designed for everyone. From home businesses to small businesses to large corporations, the cloud offer major benefits. It keeps people connected without traveling, or as they travel, and is also an affordable choice.

bestbvs said...

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Kit Gana said...

Cloud computing is the best thing we have today. Stop believing on myths. Try it for yourselves. :D

cloud computing services said...

Yes, really these are myths :)

Dan said...

For what it's worth, Matthew Finnie has his own personal Cloud Blog which he regularly updates with cloud/technology based posts. Most of them are very interesting and well worth a read.