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The data tsunami is coming - you need to manage it #TTNMS

Ofcom have predicted that demand for mobile data in the UK could grow by 80 times by 2030 resulting in a capacity crunch for mobile networks.

To head this off, Ofcom plan to release more radio spectrum and are advocating better use of wi-fi. The also are pointing out the need for new transmission and compression technologies and say there will not be a problem if all these actions are followed through.

Ofcom are calming public nerves saying there will be no problem, but for enterprise and operators it is crucial that they don't leave this to chance, and ensure maximum efficiency in their networks - this is why Total Telecom has launched the Network Management Show...

Then stakes are high with a whole raft of new players emerging as the leaders in network management, such as Meraki, the three year old start up acquired by Cisco for $1.2 billion.

So to make sure you can see your way through the network maze and get involved with the Network Management Show - download the prospectus

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