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Who, What, Why and When - #IPX Report

New research by Total Telecom and Hot Telecom into IP Packet Exchange (IPX) reveals that 60% of the customers intending to adopt IPX anticipate that it will primarily be used to facilitate voice traffic (standard Voice over Internet Protocol or HD Voice) over the next 3-4 years, while only 16% indicated a focus on video and other data content. In contrast, only 18% of IPX providers expect voice to be the prominent service, pointing to a significant gap in perception and expectations.

HOT TELECOM President Isabelle Paradis said: "It is clear from the customer and provider feedback we received that the two groups see the benefits, drivers and inhibitors to the service differently at present. We believe that the gap will close as the services IPX offers continue to evolve, but right now the differences in opinion are driving different priorities and behaviours and are impacting the take up by IPX customers."

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