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Soapbox - network management

We've been going out and asking people what they think are the most important issues in Network Management - here in no particular order are the top 6:

Network management should focus on a single point: Availability of network service.
> New/Emerging protocols and their adoption levels 
Big data analytics
> Software defined networks - impact on network management
Data visualization, Smartphone and tablet apps 
> 4G/LTE and its impact on Network Management apps 

So what do you think? These are responses to us asking the question, not necessarily the view of Total Telecom. Do you think these are the big issues in network management, what else would you suggest. How do the issues vary for operators / service providers and enterprise network managers?


These type of areas will be under discussion at the new Total Telecom Network Management Show in 2013. If you'd like to explore the opportunities to share your opinions on these areas, let us know or visit the website

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