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Telecom Shoelace Test #Tweetails

I'm usually sceptical about tools for calculating your social media influence, and so I was about Tweetails.

I ran a couple of tests that were broadly in line with expectations, showing that largely automated feeds can't beat real humans.

Our own @totaltelecom  was branded "Not the sharpest tool in the shed", whilst  our friends at, @telecoms, were branded as "Depressingly average, the human equivalent of a grey cardigan"

So then tried a few 'real people'

@Telecomeditor Level 1 was awarded the badge of Master Tweet Assassin and branded a Scholar, whilst @Mattyhatton was deemed Above average, a Level 2 Adept Tweet Paladin 

Still unsure, with trepidation I tried @telecolumnist to find him branded Level 3 Grandmaster Tweet Shaman. But then with a flash of understanding the more detailed explanation....

Our intelligence rating for Telecolumnist is:
Professor - Comes up with revolutionary ideas on a daily basis, but probably can't tie their shoelaces...

On the result of this highly scientific test, one can only assume Tweetails is a genius tool, and probably knows @Telecolumnist personally!

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