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1 billion reasons why network management matters #TTNMS

US$1 billion, it's a huge amount of money, but that's the value of the contract +Alcatel-Lucent have just signed with Reliance Communications to outsource network management for both its wireless and fixed-line operations - Read the story on Total Telecom

As part of the deal, Alcatel-Lucent become the new employer for 4,000 people as Reliance seek to provide better service to 130 million subscribers by following the path of outsourced network management, also followed by local rivals Bharti Airtel.

With these kind of sums at stake, it's no surprise that recent Total Telecom research shows network management is a huge and growing issue for the telecom industry, although interestingly network outsourcing is specifically is viewed with mixed feelings by operators with an almost even split between those who already view it as a major issue, those who think it will be an issue in the future, as illustrated in the accompanying chart.

To find out more insight into Network Management, download our research summary.
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