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Telecom Genius or Could Do Better?

So did you take our telecom quiz before Christmas? All the answers were in the End of Year Review, but for those who didn't quite manage to wade their way through it, here's the easy way to the results.

So how did you do? Were you one of the 77% who doesn't know what level mobile penetration has reached in Africa? Or one of the 33% who think Huawei will be the most successful traditional network infrastructure vendor in 2013? (According to Ovum they won't be!) Were you one of the 12% who thought Simon Moutter has taken over at Telefonica? Or perhaps most surprisingly one of 40% who think Vodafone used this image in their advertising....

Check out the answers, and if your honest response is that you could have done better, why not register for the Total Telecom Daily Newsletter It's totally free and will help make you a telecom genius by the end of 2013!

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