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Gather Round The Table

Shaking up the formats at the Network Management Show are our new roundtables. Held both afternoons after lunch, respected industry leaders will moderate discussions on a variety of key topics.

Seats will be allocated on a first come first serve basis, so Register Today to join in the debate.

There's lots of choice, which you can view on the event website, but here's a selection you might find interesting:

Software Defined Networking and Virtualisation: Revolutionising network architectures
Moderator: Gerry Feeney, Member, Open Networking Foundation
• It might transform network architecture – but what is the right definition of SDN and what roles do overlays, VPNs and APIs play?
• Closely tied to SDN is network virtualisation but how can it be achieved and how can the network functionalities be defined?
• Is SDN the only automation option or can other approaches be used that are just as effective?
• Is OpenFlow a key part of SDN?
• What are the application deployment issues related to SDNs?
• What kind of intelligence and management tools are required for SDNs?

Storage & Implementation: Getting the most from data centres
Moderator: Douglas Loewe, Managing Director, Interxion
• How to deploy next generation data centres
• Examining the benefits of consolidating or rationalising in the data centre
• Assessing the limits of data centre infrastructure
• Exploring the key network hardware requirements for software defined data centres

OSS: New system challenges and improvements
Moderator: Glen Ragoonanan, Lead Analyst, Analysys Mason
• How to identify operational support system requirements of new services and technology
• How to reduce the impact on customers and the network challenges of new systems
• How to use KPIs for OSS analysis and governance
• How to establish performance levels, areas of improvement and development

IPv6: Evaluating its adoption on mobile networks
Moderator: Latif Ladid, President, IPV6 Forum
• Exploring the challenges in implementing IPv6 on mobile devices, applications and networks
• Examining the various IPv6 mobile deployments and their technical choices
• Looking at the role of IPv6 in home networking and cloud

Telco Cloud: Business case advantages and getting over IT integration
Moderator: Darren Fields, Global Head of Sales, Global Cloud Services, Telefónica Digital
• Why telcos are moving into the cloud arena and what advantages do they have over other service providers?
• Why enterprises look for cloud providers that have complex IT skills and can integrate multiple systems, and why this is a major issue for carriers

Telco Big Data: ‘The oil to fuel operator growth’
Moderator: Terry Norman, Founder, Wireless Explorer
• How some operators are looking to transform themselves into companies that primarily manage data as well as providing communications services
• How big data can enable operators to make efficiency savings, increase cross-selling and improve the customer experience
• Do operators require partners, not vendors, to deliver strategic insight via improving, protecting and exploiting their big data?

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The Network Management Show is organised by Total Telecom and takes place in London on the 2 & 3 July 2013.

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