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Tip to write the winning entry...

The 2013 World Communication Awards are open for entries, so how do you write a winner? Here's some tips from the judges:

"The judges look for the entries that get their attention right from the start and are written with clear conviction. It is important to be economical and clear about what it is exactly that you believe your company or product does better than anyone else's. Keep statements short and always follow up with an example or data to support it. Customer testimonials are key, but it is vital to present the case first."

Entries must:
" clear innovation and have measurable business benefits. [They must] stand out from the crowd and should extend beyond just being telecommunications solutions, e.g. into sustainability."

"...include facts and figures in context, for example relative market information and benchmarks... and reasons underpinning figures."

"...provide clear linkage to a significant industry issue or trend and how the product/service enables companies to respond to that issue or trend."

"...give a clear indication of the innovative new value creation to the users of the service."

Entry deadline is the 5 July, so get writing!

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