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Make no apologies for voice - it still matters

This weeks Breakfast with Total Telecom briefing, 'The Future of Voice' reaffirmed for anyone who had doubts in their mind that voice is very much alive.

A packed room heard opinions from analyst and voice wholesaler, financial services, and OTT player, and all were in agreement - voice is still in rude health and isn't going anywhere soon.

Watch this video to hear from Hot Telecom, IDT, and Samba Mobile

There was an active discourse on Twitter with the hashtag #TTWholesale, with a few of the most notable Tweets being:
  • 5 stages of operator grief: denial,anger, depression,bargaining, acceptance. Isabelle Paradis: President of Hot Telecom
  • Telcos need to move into internet world not the other way around - Ben Atherton: CEO and Founder of Samba Mobile
  • Voice wholesale 'not as dead or dull as you might think' Jonathan Nierenberg: Senior VP Business Development Americas at IDT
  • Visa is helping operators build propositions that matter Hugh Kingdon: Vice President, Product Development at Visa Europe
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