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What are the real requirements for IPX

IP eXchange or IPX is one of the hot topics today and will be the subject of a 1 day Total Telecom conference on the 10 October.

But what do customers really think about IPX? Our partners at Hot Telecom have put together a report based on interviews with 70 customers to give you some insight.

The report covers:

  • Define the current status of service providers' IP migration as a whole
  • Validate what service providers understand of IPX and how they define it
  • Identify the services and features customers really need and want
  • Determine what is important for customers when choosing their IPX providers
  • Understand what are the main factors delaying the use of IPX for operators not already using it and what makes migration difficult
  • Define the differences in service providers' opinions and needs based on their region of operation and core service offering
So if you are serious about the IPX opportunity, buy the report and come along to the Total Telecom IPX Summit

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