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New Tricks or Making Space?

New Tricks and Making Space have both been headlines for 2013 issue of Total Telecom+, but last week if you'd wanted to read the PDF's you would have struggled. The reason was an 'upgrade' by our tracking company DoubleClick - part of Google - which left us with tracked links to previous content that they couldn't / wouldn't update! So much for #BigData - we would have passed on any data if it meant readers could access our content!

Anyway, now normal service has been resumed with us updating as many of the links as possible, but if you come across one which still doesn't work, please let us know...

In the meantime, it seemed a good opportunity to update you on what you may have missed so far in 2013, so here's the issues from the ARCHIVE for the year to date:

Making Space - July Total Telecom+

Business: SK Telecom goes on the record about LTE-A.
Technology: Next-generation network rollout in AsiaPac.
Geography: Taiwan’s forthcoming 4G spectrum auction.

New Tricks - Total Telecom+

June 2013: NEW TRICKS
Business: We talk to EE's Mansoor Hanif about the telco's LTE strategy.
Technology: Telcos must take advantage of what they know about customers.
Geography: Consolidation on the cards in Sweden and Denmark.

Selection Box - May Total Telecom+

Business: We talk to Ooredoo's Paul Salmon about modernising its networks.
Technology: Telcos opportunity to act as cloud services aggregators.
Geography: Mobile licences in Myanmar attracted some of the biggest telcos.

April 2013 - Contentment - Total Telecom+

Business: We talk to AT&T's Jeff Weber about the telco's decision to differentiate in areas other than content.
Technology: CanBT become a credible pay TV challenger.
Geography: The pay TV market in the Asia Pacific region.

Face Time - Total Telecom+

March 2013: FACE TIME
Business: The top 50 telecoms operator brands ranked by value.
Technology: LTE-Advanced carrier aggregation and new smartphone platforms.
Geography: Spain's mobile operators are losing subscribers but the broadband market is buoyant.

Fresh Thinking - February Total Telecom+

February 2013: FRESH THINKING
Technology: Lessons in LTE
Business: On the record with Nikki Flan
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