Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Why must you be the Best Place to Work? #Engagement

The A-Z of telecom operators have been submitting responses for the 2013 Best Place to Work survey (#BPTW) but whilst almost every major operator from across the globe is represented, many do not have the necessary 50 employee responses to be in the running for the award.

Employee Engagement
So what makes employees want to complete a survey about their company? It certainly isn't the Total Telecom incentive (for the record - there isn't one), but it almost certainly is driven by the thorny issue of engagement.

Across the web there are experts and commentators talking about employee engagement and how it is vital for employers, but fundamentally you can summerise this by saying the best places to work have the most engaged employees, and this is because these are companies that understand and try to foster attributes including, but not limited to:

  • trying to understand what employees think and feel
  • demonstrating appreciation of the effort put in (not just money!)
  • great communication
  • commitment to employee development 
So in a world where up to 40% of employees are disengaged (BlessingWhite Research 2013) it makes sense for you to be one of the companies recognised as being a great place to work.

WCA 2013
Encourage your employees to complete the Best Place to Work Survey

The winner will be revealed in front of an audience of 600 of the most senior executives in the telecom industry at the 15th annual World Communication Awards, in London on the 3 December 2013. To book your seats visit www.worldcommsawards.com 


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GeoTel said...

When you see one of those top companies to work for, it is so obvious. Their employees are so happy and eager to not only produce high-quality work but also just to be at work. The office environment cultivates engaged employees. While I'm sure it adds a lot to overhead costs to have things like "employee fun days", weekly snack carts, in house doctors and laundry, etc., you feel that these companies are getting much more product out of their employees than businesses that have disengaged, under motivated employees. Hopefully this will become the trend of the future.