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4 levels of service driving the #IPX market

Total Telecom research suggests IPX is now starting to become a reality with 50% of operators surveyed suggesting they intend to start utilising IPX in 2014. As more of you complete the survey, the picture will become more conclusive, but we thought thought this table from Innovation Observatory gave a clear indication of the mix of services making up the IPX market.

In such as fast growing space, it's not a surprise that we're seeing an upturn in interest in our second IPX Summit, which takes place in London on the 24 & 25 September, and already we have support from Orange as a sponsor of this years conference

The event will bring together parties interested in how they can capitalise on IPX as well as discussing some of the key issues of on International interconnectivity and roaming, sure to be front of mind with operators.

If you haven't done so yet, please take a couple of minutes to take the IPX Survey, and if you are a mobile operator you may qualify for a free place at the summit, worth £1,425


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