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From technological backwater to the world's most important sector #WCA

Total Telecom is moving office, and whilst we cleared boxes and moving piles of rubbish (what happened to the paperless office) we came across our heritage, or to be exact in a cupboard we found an archive of back issues of CommunicationsWeek International and Communications International - the titles that later became Total Telecom.

Amongst the dust stood out an October 1999 issue of CommunicationsWeek International proudly revealing World Communication Awards, names such as Global One, Arbinet Communications, and World Online (ouch!)
the first ever winners of the

Why not revel in some nostalgia (we certainly did) and check out the names and services from the past - whilst trying to explain to the younger members of your team who they were! Remember Arthur Andersen - our headline sponsor in 1999....

Download the PDF here

If you are still working on your participation at this years World Communication Awards and Total Telecom Festival, visit the website for more information:
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