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The 6 most innovative companies making the most of technology

LEARN ALL ABOUT GIGABIT COPPER has the green light but are you making the most of it?

In December the International Telecommunications Union ratified and certification is rumoured to be scheduled for the autumn. But is the telecoms community moving fast enough to take advantage of this technology?
Here are just some of the most innovative companies utilising technology.

Sckipio Technologies
The Israeli start-up founded to focus on technology is the current leader in this field. They have been working with many ODMs and service providers to accelerate the growing demand for technology.
And at International CES 2015, Sckipio demonstrated the first demo of ultra high definition television using technology over a broadband network.

With the launching of its product by the second quarter of 2015 ADTRAN is taking from concept to reality. ADTRAN and are particularly active in Europe due to the difficulty of deploying all-fibre networks in part of Europe and telcos in the region are incredibly eager to utilise the technology and ADTRAN are making the most of the demand.

Broadcom have revealed a chipset family and capabilities for its gateway system on a chip. Providing the highest density approach for end-to-end equipment design.
As one of the first vendors to launch deployments, Broadcom has already made some vital ground in this relatively unknown market.

Alcatel-Lucent’s ultra-broadband solution is set to become available early this year and will allow operators to provide their subscribers with much faster internet services. This means that operators can get fibre-like speeds over copper and rolled out to as many people as possible.
Alcatel-Lucent continue to push the boundaries further, as their Bell Labs has most recently demonstrated the capabilities of XG-FAST, extending the possibilities of copper even further.

Huawei and BT
One of the biggest waves in technology came when Huawei and BT trialled in a UK residential community. Whilst the trial encountered difficulties, there is no doubt that it accelerated the commercialisation of and brought us to where we are now.

These are just some of the key innovators utilising technology and these innovations will be discussed at Gigabit Copper conference 25th March, Sheraton Munich Arabellapark, Munich. The place where we can explore a variety of DSL technologies, provide a platform to understand the most appropriate places for roll out and discuss the future business model once has been deployed.


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