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12 acronyms you need to know!

I love this from our friends at Sckipio, their media primer. I hint of tongue in cheek, but their 12 key pronunciations are fab....

 Key Pronunciation Guide
  • dot fast
  • ITU:eye tee you
  • Gbps:Gigabits per second (billion bits)
  • Mbps:Megabits per second (million bits)
  • Kbps:kilobits per second (thousand bits)
  • Telco:tell ko (like co in Pepsico)
  • FTTH: fiber to the home
  • FTTdp: fiber to the distribution point
  • DSLAM:dee slam
  • DOCSIS:dock sis (like sister)
  • MDU:either em dee you (or multi-dwelling units)
  • TDD: either tee dee dee (or time division duplexing)
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