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Sony Ericsson plays Apple at its own game

From Total Telecom magazine deputy editor Joanne Taaffe, in Barcelona:

Sony Ericsson yesterday unveiled its answer to the iPhone with the launch of several touch screen phones, at what must have been the first press party of the show. The company’s ExperiaTM X1 may not have a name as catchy as that of the Apple original, but the ease with which consumers can scroll around the device certainly echoes Apple's user interface technology.
The Experia TMX1 come with a 3 inch touch screen, WLAN, bluetooth and 3G access. And in addition to four way key navigation, the Experia TMX1 comes with a qwerty keyboard, which Sony Ericsson believes will remain an important function of smartphones, despite the arrival of touch screen capabilities. And in the interest of covering every possible base for interacting with the device, consumers can even separately purchase a remote optical joystick for game playing on the Experia.

In addition to the distinctly consumer Experia model, Sony Ericsson also launched two personal organisers, the G700 and the G900, the latter coming equipped with a camera. Again both phones come equipped with Wifi and a touch screen interface that enables consumers to easily open applications. However, the G700 and G900 have smaller screens that measure in at 2.4 inches. Still, even if Sony Ericsson gets the touch screen and scrolling functions on its new phones right, it may find both the iPhone buzz and Apple’s revenue sharing agreements with operators harder to replicate.
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