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Parenting advice from... Cable & Wireless!?!

Cable & Wireless' John Pluthero has just returned from a tour of the company's operations in the Caribbean, where he spent some time examining the transition from monopoly incumbent to competitive telecoms player for the telco's various businesses in the region.

"No incumbent is every ready for liberalisation," he told attendees at the U.K.-based operator's analyst and investor day in London on Tuesday.

"Your parent has just turned round and said 'we don't love you anymore'. Don't try it on your kids, by the way!"

Thanks for the tip, John.

For now at least, Cable & Wireless is retaining the guardianship of its Caribbean "children" though, despite recent rumours that a demerger of the company's international operations is on the cards. At the investor day, Pluthero outlined plans to help the various international operations make the transition into competitive players by devolving more power to the local CEOs.

More details on Total Telecom later today.
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