Wednesday, 12 March 2008


You know what it's like when you end up sitting in a conference session next to someone who just won't shut up. Infuriating, to say the least.

Sitting in front of some particularly noisy delegates at the opening session of this year's IPTV World Forum in London today nearly drove me to conference-rage.

One self-important attendee, representing Vodafone no less, took it upon himself to carry on a constant critique of every single speaker to a couple of his colleagues at the show this morning, and it's fair to say he was not impressed with any of the presentations.

He accused Nokia Siemens Networks' Thomas Werner of "utter nonsense, he's talking cr*p", droned on throughout a presentation from Neuf Cegetel's Nicolas Bry, picked holes in Eugene Sarmiento from Ericsson and when it came to the panel session proclaimed "this is not going to be interesting"… before the speakers had even made their way to the stage.

All of which leads me to the conclusion that while etiquette lessons wouldn't go amiss at Vodafone, the mobile operator clearly knows all there is to know about IPTV and will be showing the rest of the world exactly how it's done in the near future.

More on IPTV World Forum 2008 on Total Telecom Wednesday-Friday.

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Anonymous said...

Interestingly, I happened to be at this meeting. Having studied the area and worked in it for several years I found the conference presentations mostly boring. And not surprising vendors were there to sell their kit - and this was reflected in the presentations explicitly or implicitly. Even references to standards were not as transparent as may seem. A mobile phone is very complex and the real point that one of the members of audience was making using the analogy is that some things need to be standardised not everything. IPTV already uses lots of standards technology. Having said that many of the presentations were boring, in my opinion there were gems in the exhibition hall. It is clear that some companies are doing interesting things.