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UK says 'no' to iPhone

"So, how many of us actually have an iPhone?" conference chairman Abraham Joseph asked delegates at the opening of Visiongain's iPhone: An Independent Conference in London on Thursday.

Silence. Cue the tumbleweeds.

"None then," he conceded.

Given the rate of attendance at the event, that was hardly surprising. At that stage in proceedings there were just six of us in the auditorium... perhaps another sign that the U.K. telecoms industry is not enamoured with Apple's must-have handset.

Numbers later swelled to around 10, with one iPhone user among us. Maybe things livened up later in the day. Unfortunately I didn't have time to stick around and find out.

One anecdote from an audience member in this morning's session was worth noting though.

An attendee shared the fact that a friend of his daughter - a girl of 11 or 12 years of age - was recently given an iPhone for her birthday. She returned the handset within a couple of weeks because without Bluetooth capability she was unable to share music and content with her friends in the playground, and this made the phone effectively "useless" to her. Not quite the epithet Apple was aiming for...

For more from the conference, including stats on the vendors that have suffered the most from the iPhone's launch, and more thoughts on future incarnations of the device, see Total Telecom.
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