Monday, 2 June 2008

iPhone: The losers

You may have read last week on Total Telecom that Harald Neidhardt, CMO and co-founder of mobile advertising platform company Smaato, gave an interesting presentation at Visiongain's iPhone conference here in London.

At the event he presented the results of a survey carried out by Rubicon Consulting which, among other things, asked U.S. iPhone users what their previous handset had been. Moto's RAZR came out top and... well, the story's here for those who missed it, now updated with more stats from Rubicon.

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Brian Catt said...

Which just goes to prove my rant on ZDnet that its a fashion accessory more than anything, with a niche market for fashionistas and Geeks.

No way the Razr addressed the same functionality set, it was a very neat, physically ergonomic and stylish metal PHONE, with an unuseable UI layered onto their old Time Port Command line menu, like Windows 3.1 over DOS.

iPhone is a SMARTphone - also large and heavy by comparison.

So its fad for the sad. For now.

When it gets iPod functionality, as you already can with 3rd party "unlock and load" software, it becomes a really useful Triple play device, then more longterm and broader adoption as a personal universal mobile communicator / appliance may occur - (Voice/Text moby, Blackberry, iPod - All-in-1). Oh, and 3G Laptop MODEM Dongle. Now you're rockin'

Jobs is such a skimming strategy tease, great at skimming his over rich main US market. We can use the 3rd party software and wait a year for the real thing while the fashionistas and Geeks subsidise the developments for us.

Brian Catt