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U.K. Sidekick Slide users get MySpace

A MySpace Mobile application is now available to T-Mobile Sidekick Slide users in the U.K., it emerged Tuesday, although there was no formal announcement from either Microsoft, which now owns Sidekick creator Danger, or T-Mobile itself.

In a nutshell, the application gives end users a better MySpace social networking experience, providing push, rather than pull, access to the service.

The Sidekick has yet to really take off in the U.K., although it has gained considerable traction in the U.S. The Slide, which was brought to market by T-Mobile UK in October last year, is the first Sidekick device to be manufactured by Motorola, rather than Danger's previous partner, Sharp.

There are no publicly available figures for the number of Sidekick Slide users in the U.K., but they are thought to be fairly few and far between. So essentially this looks like a bid to boost the popularity of the device this side of the pond.
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